Monday, December 14, 2009

Final Project

We finally have our (almost) finished Throwing Machine! We used our original catapult concept using PVC pipes, but we changed our release mechanism. Our current release mechanism is using 2 eyehole screws screwed into each side of the machine- two on the swiveling part and two on the stable piece which does not move. We have a rod that goes through all four loops and therefore holds together the two pieces. When the rod is pulled out, the swiveling piece of the machine is released, and it then throws the ball. We have estimated that the ball can be thrown up to approx. 25 ft., since we have so much potential energy stored from the bungee cords that are stretched very tightly. The mechanical part of the project is the wireless power drill that when powered on, pulls a string that is attached to the rod, which then pulls the rod out after the string is spun around the drillbit. We are still working on improving this method of release in order to pull the rod out easier and make it more compact. We might get a mini hand drill so we don't have to use a bulky power drill, and we can attach it to the side of our project. The only thing we have left to do is find a way to make it wireless, or have something that can press the drill button without the user being so close to the machine. We will have another update in a few days, along with pictures and a Youtube video that we will upload.

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